Community Game Night: What did you meme?

In the beginning of quarantine, David Warner, Hugo Bernier, April Dunnam and I got together to think of some ways the community could connect virtually while socially distancing. We started M365. Social Community Game Night with a round of “Two Truths and a Lie” using Microsoft Teams and Forms. We are back at it with a new asynchronous game.

The game: What did you meme?

In our new fully virtual meeting world, there can be some pretty funny statements made in meetings. “What did you meme” is a game about taking these quotes out of context to generate the funniest meme possible. 

We align with the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct so please remember to be respectful, welcoming, friendly, and patient with your meme creations. Our goal with this game is to bring laughter and joy to the community.

How to play

On Monday, a person who will also act as judge, offers an out of context quote from a meeting the prior week to become the meme text. This is tweeted to the community with the hashtag #M365WhatDidYouMeme.

For the next three days, any community members may join the fun on Twitter by creating a meme in response using the provided quote. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #M365WhatDidYouMeme so we can see your hilarious submissions!

Example meme (created by Marc Anderson):

“After cursing all morning on closed captions [in Teams], I don’t feel like I need yoga!”

On Thursday, the judge picks the top submission (with the hashtag #M365WhatDidYouMeme). The winner now becomes the judge for the next week!

How to join

Everyone is welcome to submit a meme. For Windows users, Microsoft Paint is a free option already installed on your machine. Adobe Spark and imgflip also have excellent free meme generators.

If your meme is selected, you will become the judge for the following week and be responsible for providing the next quote.

So, when do we start?

We kicked off the first game on Monday, October 12th. The first judges were Sympraxis Consulting and the phrase for the meme was “I am a creature of logic, prepare to be wowed.” To find this week’s phrase, please look for #M365WhatDidYouMeme on Twitter and join us!

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